Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Property Buying Tips

Buying property? There is more to it than getting the finance and picking a reputed builder. Here is a quick run through of common sense tips. You already know it all, but the best of us, forget the best of things at times.
  1. The Real Reason: Why do you want to buy the property? To have your ‘own’ home, for investment purpose only, a holiday home, a place to retire to, or to relocate? Once you know the reason, you will be more clear on what type of property to zero in on. This is especially important if you are buying a home outside of your city or even country.
  2.  Research: This is very important. Before you set out, read up, browse through several websites, talk to people, use your network to know more.  And, yes... prepare a checklist of what you want.
  3. Visit: Of course, you must pay a visit and check out the property or properties, as the case maybe. Go along with someone -- a relative, a friend, or better still, someone from the town/ country! This is because, that person may bring in a fresher perspective and probably see what you don’t! Ask questions. Click photographs and go through your checklist!
  4. Repeat Visits: Try visiting the property several times before you pay up, and visit the place at different times of the day.
  5. Facilities & Amenities: Look for what the builder-developer is offering you vis-a-vis the price you are paying. Also, its important to know how far the nearest medical care unit, school, railway station, airport, shopping mall, etc., are located.    
  6. Language: In case you are relocating to another city or country, you must be prepared to learn the local language as also about the culture of that place.
  7. Time: Be prepared to invest time into the project. You cannot expect to find your dream home the first time around!
  8.  Insurance: Go through the due diligence bit and get home insurance done. It’s really a must!
  9.  Solicitors: Pick someone you know. Avoid solicitors who have been recommended by agents. Find an independent one of repute.
  10. Survey: Get a property survey done by a professional -- someone who is familiar with local construction processes and materials.

All this apart, enjoy the process. The journey is always more important than the destination.


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