Monday, 9 April 2012

Tips to buy property in Finland

Sure, Finland features as the fourth best countries to live in. Interestingly, if you remember, Finnish policy even reduces barriers to employment by ensuring all families with young children have access to a subsidised childcare place. Attractive, isn't it?

A lot of European citizens invest in a holiday home in Finland, but living there permanently may need some adjustments to do -- for example, the extreme winters and days at length of ‘no sun’ or nights of only the white sun! But then I am sure you are already aware of all that, and are prepared to make that move.

So here you are, a few top tips to buying property in Finland

    The most popular locations to buy property in are its major cities, Helsinki, Tempere and Turku. Lapland, at the northern part of the country is also popular with a lot of foreigners, due to it’s vast expanses of green forests and for being renowned as the home of Santa Claus!
    It is advisable to make to of the services of a lawyer or solicitor who can go through the sale agreement or read survey reports and sign for completion of contracts. 
    Transfer tax must be paid and is at the rate of 4 per cent, and is paid at the time of registering the deed.
    In Finland, you are required to pay taxes on several heads, so it’s advisable to check where taxes are applicable. For example, there is a separate municipal tax on real estate, and so on.
    Foreign nationalities.
    Though there are no restriction anymore on foreigners buying property in Finland, they are restricted from acquiring property from the Province of Aland. Even this can be one, with a writ permission from the Finns to buy property int his province!
    Days taken.
    You may be pleasantly surprised to note that it take 14 days to complete all the required procedures to register a property in Finland.

It is indeed relatively easy and quick to buy property in Finland. 

Best wishes from this side of the world. 

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Much Love and happy house hunting,

P.S: Follow me to my next post: Property Buying tips in Netherlands.


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  2. It is hard to have a new house especially if you don't planned it carefully. I have an uncle there in Finland and I will share this info for him so that they will know what to do before he buy a properties there. Thanks for sharing this information.

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