Friday, 6 April 2012

Tips to buy property in Sweden

Here are some good news if you’re planning to buy property in Sweden:
  • There are no restrictions on foreigners buying property in Sweden.
  • House prices have fallen considerably in 2011. 
  • The real estate transfer process is easy, swift and quick. 
So, looks like it’s the right thing to  buy property in the biggest Scandinavian Nation. However, you could visit there on a holiday and check out... After all it has been reported as the 7th best country to live in!
Here goes my tips for you...
  1. Agent. Most house hunting, negotiations and preparing relevant papers are managed by real estate agents. It’s best you appoint one for your self.
  2. Deposit. In Sweden, there is a norm that the buyer places 20% of the property price as deposit, as soon as the buying price is agreed upon. 
  3. Conduct a survey. It’s a common practise in Sweden. A friend who had recently moved to Sweden recommends that it’s best to hire the services of an independent surveyor, who will do a profession job of it.
  4. Hire a solicitor. Though it's is not a must, it’s definitely advisable to hire a legal person to carry out all your legal work. It eases your work and helps a great deal to have a professional work at legal issues.
  5. Deeds of Title. You have to apply for this within three months of the sale transfer. the deeds of Title will need to be submitted for registration. 
  6. Charges and fee: Stamp duty is charged on the registration of Deeds of Title at about 1% of the purchase price. Agent fees are approx. 3.5 % and are usually payable by the seller. You also have to pay the property tax, wealth tax and so on. Do find out and be prepared.
  7. All the best
Hey, by the way, I assume you will follow my standard instructions diligently -- RESEARCH. It’s a must.

Much Love and happy house hunting,


P.S: Follow me to my next post: Property Buying tips in Switzerland


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